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LOS ANGELES Native FIGG NEWTON was well known in the streets and the Califorina Penal System way before he decided to pursue a carrer in Music. Like so many other inner city kids he was raised in a single parent home but was fortunate enough to have a Bible toting Scripture quoting mother that did her best to instill moral and principal.Dealing with having a father that was in and out of his life that left room for the streets in which he jumped into head first.  For a while he lived a double life High School Basketball Player/ Gangbanger until things got complicated and he was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder months after graduating High School. After being found not guilty in a jury trial he was released and again placed back into the belly of the beast.With years invested in the streets his ties grew deeper and 5years later he found himself again in front of a judge facing life in prison for a gang related shooting.But this time he would not walk away a free man.Sentence to 12 years the CDC is where he decided to make a change in direction and put all of his life expirences into music. The worlds first taste of FIGG NEWTON was in OCT 2012 when he released a STREET ALBUM and title track "U FIGG ME".The streets say the project was a Underground Classic.Not wasting any time FIGG in early 2013 he gave us THE WAKE UP & THE DOUBLE UP two mixtapes showing his versitlity over a wide array of industry beats lead by tracks like B-BRAYZ BACK,HARDWORK & ONE MAN ONE GUN just to name a few. Currently FIGG has just started a new company FASTLANE ENT LLC. With the company he hopes to build his brand and provide outlets and opportunities for other up and coming artists in the business.With good reviews and feed back from several veterans and also hot new artist Figg is back in the Lab recording for yet another mixtape and also his Debut Album release which right now is slated for the summer 2014. So to the Family, Friends, and Fans of FIGG NEWTON and this FASTLANE MOVEMENT stay tuned because it has only just begun!!